Established in 2002, Wilshire Softball Association has become the premier girl's fast-pitch softball league in the Hollywood-Mid City area of Los Angeles.  We serve hundreds of girls from all walks of life (ages 5-14) with a program that builds strong fundamental softball skills, and is committed to teaching and practicing the ideals of character, teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play while having fun. Wilshire Girls Softball is governed by a Board of Directors and run by over 40 volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of girls.

We rely on sponsorship's from businesses like yours to help us grow and thrive.  The donated funds are used to provide scholarships to allow girls of all income levels to participate; purchase needed equipment to ensure the safety of the players; ensure proper field maintenance and fund player clinics. Please consider one of our four tax-deductible sponsorship packages. We would also welcome any services that can be donated in-kind.

          LEAGUE SPONSOR:  $2500

  • Listing as one of the Elite League Sponsors on our website (wilshiresoftball.com);
  • Your organization's name/logo on a patch featured on all Wilshire girls' jerseys;
  • An individual Sponsor Banner featuring your name or business hung at playing fields during the season;
  • Sponsorship of five scholarship players from our local area, giving a deserving girl the opportunity to play competitive softball;
  • Commemorative plaque naming you or your business as a League sponsor.            


  • Listing as Team Sponsor on our website (wilshiresoftball.com);
  • Your business featured on the Sponsor’s Banner hung at playing fields during the season;
  • Your business name listed on your sponsored team’s banner hung at playing fields during the season;
  • Commemorative plaque with photo of your sponsored team presented to you/your business at end of season.

            SILVER SLUGGER SPONSOR:  $500

  • Listing as League Supporter on our website (wilshiresoftball.com);
  • Your business featured on the Sponsor’s Banner hung at playing fields during the season;

          PLAYER SPONSOR:  $200

  • Sponsor an individual player to register for the Spring 2018 season.            


  • Wilshire Softball Friend at $_______________ (any amount is appreciated).


If you have questions, contact: D.J. Kami, 646.713.4425

Email: sponsorships@wilshiresoftball.com

Thank you for your support!